Monday, May 16, 2011

Gardens and crafts and pictures, oh MY!

The day started off pretty badly. Got up early to take Mom's car to Cline's so they could tell me what's going on with that ABS light that keeps coming on. They didn't tell me any prices and made us sit there for 2 hours while they took care of at least 2 cars that showed up after mine. We got the list of what's wrong and a bill for $41. Just to look. I would have liked to know about this cost prior to them looking at the car. The old blood sugar was pretty low by then so I was angry and weepy. It was stupid so I came home and my wonderful brother Bill cheered me up. He has that effect on me. We played our games, him on the wii and me on the computer and chatted off and on. I kept getting into watching his game and exclaiming when his character bought the farm like it was me playing. LOL good times.

I started thinking about that place in the mall where you paint ceramics because Bill and I wanted to do that together while I'm here so I looked up their website. They had a section where you could virtually paint things and Kiddo got really mad at it so I hauled her to the real store and we painted some ceramics. I did a trivet and she settled on a rabbit because there were no cats. She was so mad she tried to get me to leave! I said no and we worked it out.
Here she is working on her bunny.

There's my trivet. She had to wait a good half-hour for me to finish after she was done. Kiddo took this amazingly well but we debated the entire time about where to eat dinner. I'm just not as into Arby's as she is. I'm.just.not.
Look at her. she's so stinkin' satisfied. At least she's cute when she's full of cheese sticks, right? So there is the finished paint job. I didn't make the glaze as thick as they recommended because I wanted it to be pale and watercolor-y. I hope the brush strokes show and look fab. We won't see if it worked for about 2 weeks. Hey Mom, this trivet is for you, BTW.

SO, gardens. I admit, it's been a long while since I took a stab at taking living things and making them live in containers but I've been thinking about it and I'm ready to try again. In Alaska, I kind of get how to do this... as I say that I realize that the plants are still outside and I forgot to bring them in last night! Ahhh! BRB.....
15 minutes and a photoshoot later...This little guy is feeling kinda down after I left him out in the cold. :(
This one seems to have a plant-y brand of frostbite. Poo! I'm a bad plant mommy! Hopefully a few days indoors will put them to rights again. I know that the plant behind frosty there got a bad chill and now it's tough as nails. Maybe it will give my sad plant friend a pep talk.Hey, at least these violets seem to like me. I gave them a nice soak a couple of days ago and they are so happy.
I didn't actually put the plants outdoors yesterday, which leads me to believe Bill carried them out with his bum wrist. Bill, I waggle my finger at you, naughty boy! Rest that Wrist!

So I saw some neat planters on one of my favorite blogs when I was back in Georgia. You can bet I'm not gardening in that place. I'll have a heat stroke and then the Army will decide to move us just as it gets really pretty. This is my luck. Here in Alaska with Bill next door, how could I not think of gardens? That guy knows how to make a person want some flowers! So here is a link to the awesome planters(click the picture):I like the woolly pockets but I don't like the idea of buying them I could make that and it would be whatever design I wanted! I think they would tend to drip, which makes me want to hang them on the fence outside and have long lines of plants on the wood fence...*dreams*
I also like the tea tins. Very cute but wouldn't that leave rust rings?
Next I liked this idea of using upside-down bottles to line your garden edge. Colorful but kinda dangerous for people with kids so I'll just look right now.
These bottles remind me of pillar candles. Strange... seems you can't take the partylite out of the girl.
Lastly, I'll never be able to make the journey from seed to viable plant. I just don't get it, so I needed a post like this:
Separating seedlings! Looks like fun, maybe for my birthday I'll get some plants...I'd like that. You don't have to pack them.

blog images from Re-Nest


  1. Enjoyed your blog entry, sis!

  2. Don't worry about those plants that got nipped. I think if you just start over like you were just starting to "harden them off" they will recover. If they don't, they probably would have died anyway. It has been my experience that taking them inside again doesn't save them. If they are going to die, they will. If they are survivors, they won't.
    Thanks for taking on my garden while we are gone.Wayne sure worries about his roses, and he can't wait to get home and put in the fish pond and plant some more.