Saturday, May 28, 2011

A week later

I can't believe it's been a week! I've just been working on getting better from a cold and playing video games and playing on the computer...etc. I've got it pretty nice right now. I see Bill practically everyday, even if it's just to say, "Hi!" over the fence. That's terrific. I get to see Deb at least once a week, which I love. Life is good.

Weaving with yarn, card board and a yarn needle. Easy Peasy.
I decided that I was tired of crocheting and I saw a post on a craft blog about weaving with a cardboard loom. It looked like my kind of craft, so I'm weaving some squares for Special Olympics scarves. I think it will be a nice one when I'm done. Here is the post that I saw...Portable vacation saori weaving by Gingerbread Snow Flakes. I left a comment about how I think it would work for weaving squares for scarves and she contacted other friends that weave and linked me to enough info to make some very decent squares! Thanks Pam! You Rock.
Kitty Cat Floats

Sidewalk Chalk is fabulous. I'm a grown-up and I still love to use the stuff. TeeCea gave us some chalk for Denali and Katie was salivating over it so Auntie gave it to her because Denali is not lacking sidewalk chalk. We decided to draw all over the driveway. We didn't last very long because it's hard to kneel on concrete for every long when you have pooped out knees like I do, but we did our best to make some temporary art.
An LPS (littlest pet shop) frolics in the grass. It's a cocker spaniel because she's obsessed with them.

This (apparently) is a dog swimming in a pool. It is because she says it is LOL.

Fun in the S-S-SUNNN.

this started out as one little heart and became a bigger and bigger heart that ate up the "peace heart" necklace that Katie drew. Now it looks like a huge heart pendant the size of Flavor Flav's tired old clock schtick. HA HA! I KILL ME!

A lighthouse for Grandma and Grandpa to find their way safely home.

Snow Day, which is my personal favorite and a Moose getting ready to chomp a flower.
I love sidewalk chalk. Speaking of sidewalk chalk, why don't you go and learn how to make some at home? I saw a great blog post about it at The Crafty Crow. That's one of my favorite sites to read for crafty and simple ideas. Maybe someday I will get around to trying this one!

There is more to share, but I'm spreading it out so I don't have to be interesting everyday. I'll be sure to post more soon.


  1. Great post. I loved the sidewalk art pictures!

  2. I love these, but my favorite is of course the lighthouse. That is so sweet. You know me! Love you girls.