Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yesterday, back at the ranch.

Okay, so it's not a ranch. Yesterday I decided I felt like having a little BBQ with the chicken I had marinated the night before. Caribbean Jerk marinade, jealous? Well, you should be ... it's delicious! I found some fresh corn in the freezer and raided it. I probably should have thawed it before I put it on the grill but I'm not really big on thinking ahead. It still was edible, if a little undercooked. Next time I'll try to plan ahead. The grill made the move with no leaks and it's working like a champ.
Mini BBQ time!
While I was out in the yard making chicken, I decided to take a few yard pics for Mom and Dad to see. It's getting so green around here and it's just lovely! The trees are getting leafier and leafier. The color of the new leaves is so pretty. I'm happy to be here to see it before I head off to a new adventure in Korea.
The yard is getting nice and green!
Notice I put the Adirondack chair on the hill so it wouldn't be so "lean-y." I must be uptight because I like a nice upright chair. On the hill it's just perfect for me.
Katie is listening to her tunes.
Katie joined me outside with her music and had a little sing-along. Then she dropped my new 3DS on the porch and I took it away for a while. That's one I won't be able to replace if it bites the big one.

This rose bush is getting pretty!
Here's the rose bushes that Dad has been thinking about. This is the one under the kitchen window.
I love this wind chime.
Ooh, I got all up in that wind chime's grill for that picture. I like how it looks.
The lilac bush is giving us some leaves.
Here's the lilac bush right next to the porch. I think it will be so pretty when it blooms later this summer.
Bill and I's contribution to the garden decor.
Another happy rose bush.
This picture is already outdated because I moved the floats that were killing the yard to that area with the rocks closer to the gate. You'll see those in my next post.
Crab apple tree is working on leaves, too.
No blooms yet, but leaves are a good start!

Deb came into town and decided to hang with us instead of go to a movie. I was so happy! She took us to DQ and she took some good pictures there. Look at me and my girl. She never did know when to smile for the camera.
Katie and I at DQ
Then I went to figure out where our blizzards were and Deb got this great pic of Katie. Such bright eyes! This picture looks posed but I'm sure it's not.
Deb got such a pretty picture of my girl!
I made them get me a Dilly Bar for Katie that hadn't been melted and it was a trial but we got a good one in the end. I think Katie wants it...
We love the butterscotch Dilly Bars!
Later in the day we went to a BBQ at our friend TeeCea's house. That was a good time. I love days like that!

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